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Ridgway Fire Department Has Real Time Training

Saturday, Jan. 30, 2015

Fire Chief Chris Wargel and Ridgway Fire Department are training today in real time.   On the West side of town at the Kert Pemberton property, the fire department is doing a control burn of this residence.   The residence which had caught fire within the last year with major damage.   According Chief Wargel this allows his department to actually fight a fire and learn techniques in a controlled enviroment.  

4 H News

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Do you love horses? Would you like a great new way to learn more about horses in a fun environment and showcase the knowledge gained through your 4-H experiences?  How about trying 4-H Hippology and Horse Bowl!  Hippology and Horse Bowl do require some brushing up on your current knowledge and studying new things.  Gallatin County members are welcome to join the White County 4-H Hippology Bowl SPIN Club. They meet Monday nights at 6:00-7:30 beginning on January 26, at the White County Farm Bureau building, until the end of March. We have a member currently participating. Feel free to contact the office for more information about Hippology/Horse Bowl and coordinating rides!


Hippology is the study of horses.  The Hippology contest consists of answering a written multiple choice test.  Then, each competitor moves from station to station with an answer sheet matching horse related items to the correct answer. Each station is about a different horse subject.  Some possible stations include:  parts of the horse, breeds, events, identify tack, types of feed, horse colors, etc. You may judge a class of horses on their conformation or movement at the state level. 


Horse Bowl is an equine scholar bowl. Each team consists of 3 to 5 players.  Two team play against each other.  In the contest there will be a moderator, judge or judges, and score keeper.  The moderator reads a questions, such as "What is the color of the mane and tail of a bay horse?"   The first player to buzz in answers the questions. If the player answers the question, correctly then the team gets so many points.  The winning team will move forward in the brackets until at the contest there is a final winning team.  The contest also awards the 10 players of the contest, who answer the most questions correctly. 


Senior individuals and teams who do well at the State Hippology and Horse Bowl Contest may qualify for national level Hippology and Horse Bowl Contests. If you think you might be interested in participation in either type of contest let me know.  I have sample tests and study guides so you can get a feel for what it would be like to participate. Gallatin County participants are encouraged to attend the study sessions in White County. If you have any questions contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 618-272-3022


Upcoming Events

2/14 Valentine’s Day

2/17 Presidents Day

2/20 - Handbook Cover Contest Entries Due

2/27 FSA Grant Applications Due

2/28-3/1 Junior Leadership Conference

3/6-3/7 Leader’s Retreat

3/28 Southern Regional Horse Contests

4/18-19 State Horse Bowl & Hippology contest at U of I

5/1 QAEC Certification Due

6/9-6/12 West KY 4-H Camp

6/21-6/24 Illini Summer Academies 

Gallatin Co. Jr High Boys Win GEC Tourney


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The Gallatin County Jr. High Boys Basketball team won the GEC Tournament Thursday night. The Hawks started the tournament by beating Galatia, 62-22. The Hawks then went to Pope County to play Carrier Mills, winning 57-32. The Hawks had a much tougher game for the championship, playing a much-improved Thompsonville team and only winning by 8 points, 40-32.  The Hawks will play their last regular season game Monday night against West Frankfort, the only team that has defeated them so far. Tuesday will start the Regionals with the top-seeded Hawks hosting.  Hardin and Pope will play at6:00 and the Hawks face NCOE at 7:30. The winners of those two games will play Friday night at 6:00. The Hawks current record is 21-1.

Scoring for Galatia game: Bosaw 2, Prince 3, Reeder 2, Goebel 14, Brazier 15, Rushing 4, Bandy 11, Scherrer 2, Hinton 2, Kiesecoms 1, Hish 2, Brock Seely 4.

Scoring for Carrier Mills game: Bosaw 3, Prince 6, Reeder 7, Goebel 20, Brazier 15, Rushing 4, Hish 2.

Scoring for Thompsonville game: Bosaw 1, Prince 8, Reeder 2, Goebel 15, Brazier 9, Rushing 3, Hish 2.

School Lunch Menu

Attached for you to view or print is the February Lunch Menu

Download this file (february2015lunch.doc)february2015lunch.doc[ ]314 Kb

School Events Jan. 25 - 31

Mon., Jan. 26 -            Junior High Girls’ Basketball – State Tournament

Junior High Boys’ Basketball – West Frankfort (H) 6:00

                                    High School Girls’ Basketball – Wayne City (A) 6:00

                                    High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC

6:30 Gallatin Co. vs. Carrier Mills

                                    Freshmen Tournament @ McLeansboro

                                                5:45 Gallatin Co. vs. Carmi

Tue., Jan. 27 -             High School Scholar Bowl Pope Co. (A) 9:15

                                    Junior High Boys’ Basketball – Regional (H) 6:00

                                    High School Girls’ Basketball – Pope Co. (A) 6:00

                                    High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC TBA

Wed., Jan. 28 -            Junior High Scholar Bowl – Eldorado (H) 9:30

                                    High School Girls’ Basketball – Dongola (H) 6:00

                                    High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC TBA

                                    Freshmen Tournament @ McLeansboro

                                                4:45 Loser of Harrisburg vs. Eldorado

Thu., Jan. 29 -             High School Girls’ Basketball – Carmi (H) 6:00

                                    High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC TBA

Fri., Jan. 30 -               Junior High Girls’ Basketball – State Tournament

                                    Junior High Boys’ Basketball – Regional Championship (H) 6:00

                                    High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC TBA

Sat., Jan. 31 -              High School Boys’ Basketball – GEC Tour. @ SIC TBA